The reason the Georgetown Education Foundation exists is to foster innovation through teacher grants. Last year, we gave out more than $25,000 in teacher grants to forward-thinking educators. 

Our grant process is simple and straight-forward so teachers can spend less time applying and more time doing what they enjoy most: inspiring minds. 


 December 17, 2018 – Grant Application will be made available

February 15, 2019 - Applicants are strongly encouraged to have their grant ideas reviewed on this Professional Learning day

March 8, 2019 – Grants due no later than 4:30 pm

By May 3, 2019 – Grant Recipients Announced


  • Attend a Grant Review Session! On February 15, Grant Review Sessions will be offered so that you can get feedback on your ideas and discuss technology and/or curriculum needs. Although not required, applicants are strongly encouraged to participate.

  • Be sure that your application highlights how your proposal is innovative.


  • Consider whether the grant is more appropriate for the Fall Individual Innovation Grant or the Spring Collaborative Innovation Grant.

  •  Priority will be given to grants that are for innovative teaching and learning that takes place during the school day. If your request is primarily for an after-school activity, consider how the request could be incorporated into school day learning.

  • Be sure that your grant application is complete, including a breakdown of costs.

  •  Remember that the members of the Grant Committee reading your proposal are not GISD employees. Be sure that the grant includes enough detailed explanation that they will be able to understand your intentions and proposal.


Frequently Asked Questions


What types of projects will Georgetown ISD Education Foundation fund through this program?

The purpose of this program is to fund innovative and creative educational projects that impact student learning. Georgetown ISD Education Foundation is not interested in funding projects that have been in existence for many years but are now being cut due to budget constraints. Instead, they want to give teachers the opportunity to create new and engaging learning experience

What types of expenses will Georgetown ISD Education Foundation not fund?

Georgetown ISD Education Foundation does not fund stipends, salaries or teacher travel expenses to conferences or training. However, requests for staff development (registration fees for workshops, conference or substitutes) will be considered when these activities represent one component of a well-planned project, integrated with other activities that directly impact students

Will the judges who read my application know where I work?

No. All applications are judged through a blind-review process. The first page of the application, the Signature Page, is removed before given to the judges to be read. Therefore, we ask that you NOT mention your name or your school name anywhere on your application after the Signature Page. We want every application to be judged on the merit of the proposed project.

May I request technology that is not currently approved by our district's Technology Department?

In supporting innovation and creativity, we encourage educators to seek out cutting-edge technology that is proven to impact student achievement. We recognize that if the technology is new, it might not yet be on the district’s approved list. We strongly encourage all applicants to have their grant ideas reviewed during our February 15 Professional Learning Day at one of the grant review sessions.

What exactly is a work plan?

A work plan lists out all of the steps necessary to complete your project. For example, if your project is to host a student art exhibition at Wolf Ranch, your first step might be to meet with the Wolf Ranch manager to agree on a time period the student work could be on display.

Another step would be to purchase the supplies needed for the art. Another step would be to begin a six -week instructional unit on watercolor painting with your fifth grade students.

Another step might be to take a field trip to a museum to see some masterpiece watercolor paintings. The important aspect of the work plan is that you are showing the reviewer that you have thought out all of the steps necessary for your project to be successful. This was not a last minute, late night idea you had, but you have developed a well-defined plan.

I would like to purchase books for my classroom. Do I have to list every title I want to purchase?

Yes, it is important to take the time to list out exactly how you intend to spend the grantor’s money. Of course, Georgetown ISD Education Foundation understands that there might be slight changes once the purchase is made, but go through the effort of giving the reviewer an idea of what books you intend to purchase with the funds requested.


I forgot to include shipping and handling in my application. Can ask for additional funds?

Georgetown ISD Education Foundation awards all of the funds allocated for Teacher Innovation Grants; therefore, we often do not have extra to handle situations like this. We remind all applicants to include shipping and handling costs in their budget.

How can I measure the success of my project?

We do not encourage applicants to use a type of standardized testing as the measure of success. Therefore, we encourage you to find multiple measures of success such as a pre and post project measurement, rubric, student survey, or peer evaluation.

What are some ways I can recognize GISD Ed Foundation as the financial supporter of my project?

We are glad you asked! You can send a letter home to your students’ parents announcing your grant award and explaining what wonderful opportunities their children will receive (or future students) because of this grant and Georgetown ISD Education Foundation. You may write an article for your campus newsletter and/or update your teacher website throughout the school year on the progress of your grant project; submit a press release to your local newspaper; tell your friends and neighbors; or put stickers that say “Purchased by Georgetown ISD Education Foundation” on any non-consumable supplies purchased with grant funds. In all communications, we encourage you to include our website The more you can get our name out there, the easier it will be to raise money, then the more money we can give out in grants to teachers like you!